World Scout Jamboree 2015

Family Fun Day

Written by Adam Blakey

28th of June. My dad and brother’s birthday, but more importantly, the Whitley Bay and Tynemouth districts’ Family Fun Day.

I arrived ‘early’ at 9:00 to help setup, but later discovered that people had been there since 7:00… Since the fun didn’t start until 11:00, I was assigned various tasks to speed up the setup process.

I was assigned ‘The Ping Pong Challenge’ as my stall, which involved customers to roll 6 balls from the top of a tilted piece of plywood into 10 different slots. Each slot had a number. If the sum of your slots added up to a certain number, you won a cash price (jackpot being £1, not bad considering it was 10p per go).

I also had the task of selling some tomato plants that had been donated by my Nana to help with profits; they sold surprising well, actually.

By the end of the day, my 2 stalls reeled in a whopping £20, with many cash prizes already claimed.

The fun day ended around 4’ish, I helped to put away the equipment, then it was fish and chips to celebrate the two birthdays in the house!

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