Switzerland 2015

Arriving in Switzerland

Written by Graham Oakes

The explorers have successfully arrived in Switzerland!

After a short coach trip to North Shields we boarded the ferry for our overnight trip to Amsterdam. Parents and friends came out in force to wave the ferry off, with people lining the quayside, Tynemouth and a dedicated few making it all the way to the end of the pier.


Dinner on the ferry wasn’t until 7.45 UK time, so we had a few hours to kill as the ferry left at 5pm. Explorers played cards, explored the ferry, played amusement games and generally chilled out. Dinner was an all you can eat buffet with food from around the world, needless to say a good few plates were eaten.

After dinner it was time for bed to sleep (or at least attempt to sleep with the noise of the engine!).


We pulled into Amsterdam at 9am and were quickly on our way. The coach journey entailed lots of food, sleeping, Chicken Run, snacks, Cool Runnings and more food. 12 hours later we arrived under darkness to our destination of Adelboden, where we were greeted by rain and fresh mountain air.

The coach was swiftly unpacked and all bags were moved into their designated rooms. All that was left was a quick hot dog supper and then bed.


Day 1 was designated a chill out day. All the explorers were shown the major landmarks of the Adelboden village centre (basically the co-op and the swimming pool, all you need really). This was also the first day of tackling the hills of Adelboden, which definitely gives the legs a workout to say the least.

After a swim and a shop it was time for dinner back at the chalet followed by an evening of games.

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