World Scout Jamboree 2015

Arriving in Tokyo

Written by Adam Blakey

The Bullet Train arrived in Tokyo and we were amazed at how busy and grand everything was in the station.


We made a short walk to a local car park where we got a bus that took us to the National Youth Centre. Once there, we picked up our big bags and got our room keys — I found out that I was sharing a room with Stephen, Connor and Axel.

The room was bearable, but it was student accommodation so it wasn’t brilliant. I still used my roll-mat over the mattress.

Once we were sorted into our rooms and ‘unpacked’, we went for food in the local area, Shinjuku. A lot of restaurants were very busy or closed, so I used a 7-Eleven to buy some noodles. I managed to spill soy sauce down my trousers whilst dining finely on the pavement.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

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