Bushcraft – Cooking

Written by Elliot Rogers

Bushcraft – Cooking

Cooking on open fire....
On Tuesday night the Bushcraft group practiced their fire and cooking skills again at the Quarry Centre. On the menu.... Fresh fish and potatoes! The explorers were tasked with preparing and maintaining a fire that they could cook their rationed food on. Using the skills they learnt from last week and the fungus found in the first week, the group took to the challenge and prepared their fires. In the spirit of Bushcraft, the explorers needed to be self-sufficient, and so the preparing of the fish was left to them (with a bit of help from Paul!) Once gutted, and cut into the fillets the fish could be cooked on the open fire. The potatoes was cut into slithers for a quick cook on the fire. The group of explorers had a successful night, with new skills learnt all-round.
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Building the fires

Cooking the fish

Cooking the chips

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