Introduction to DofE

The DofE (Duke Of Edinburgh) scheme is available to anyone aged 14-24. There are 3 stages:

Bronze (14+)

Silver (15+)

Gold (16+)

When you start DofE, you will begin at the Bronze level. To finish your Bronze and proceed to the next stage, Silver, you need to complete 4 Sections:

For more details and to view examples, click a section above.

The same applies for Silver, to proceed to the Gold level, you must repeat the sections but for a longer period of time (See timescales section below). You may repeat the same activites as before from your previous section but, it's always good to try something new.

Note that the Gold stage also unlocks a new section, Residential.

You are required to find an assessor to judge your process over the timescale of your section - this can be a leader, a coach, trainer or similar. However, a family member can not be an assessor.

At the end of the timescale, your assessor should fill in an Assessor's report. You will be provided this in your DofE booklet or it can be filled in electronically.


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  • Hello
    I am a parent Volunteer for Mid Northumberland District Explorers in Alnwick. We have 3/4 keen canoeist wishing to do their 3* Training at Wansbeck Canoe Club and I understand you have two explorers also interested in canoeing. Would you be interested in sharing the Gold Dof Ed Canoe Practice and Expedition in the near future ? We could benefit each other. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards Helen Ellis

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