DofE – Expedition


Your expedition is a requirement to complete your DofE at all levels:

  • * Bronze - 2 day (1 night) at least 6 hours during daytime (At least 3 of which must be spent journeying).

  • * Silver - 3 day (2 night), at least 7 hours during daytime (At least 3.5 of which must be spent journeying).

  • * Gold - 4 day (3 night), at least 8 hours during daytime (At least 4 of which must be spent journeying).

All preparations for your Expedition will be done with the Scouts. This includes your route cards, kit checks and map work.

Further info

You will be given the option to decide on your own teams before we start any work.

You will be taught survival aspects such as how to use maps, compasses and pitching tents.

You'll then mark out with your group what route you will be taking, when you're having breaks and roughly how long it will take.

You will plan what you are having for your meals, who you are cooking with and whether they are substantial enough for the journey.

Before you go, we'll discuss your kit list (Also on this page) and a leader will check it for you.

After all of that, you'll be ready to do your expedition! First you will complete a practise and then you will complete your assessed.

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