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Your Physical section shows that you have gained physical skills and are an active person. There are a variety of activities to choose from that should fit everyone! Individual, partner and team. Physical activities do not have to be sports - take a look at some of the Examples below.



In Archery, learn how to perfect your stance for a perfect shot, try different equipment and, improve!

We often run Archery as an activity so, stay tuned to hear if it will be included! If not, it is always possible to find somewhere nearby that runs an Archery club.


Cycling is a very popular sport with more than a billion bicycles sold worldwide.

This means that it is super easy to find an assessor - it could just be someone like a friend of a parent (Perhaps one that cycles a lot?).


Improve your stamina, learn new strokes and improve your Swimming skills!

These days, it's relatively easy to find an assessor for swimming - usually this would be a swimming coach.

Please be aware that you are not allowed to take photos in public Swimming Pools for protection reasons - please instead use medals, certificates and written notes as evidence.

Nothing here you're interested in? Check the DofE ideas PDF

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