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For your volunteering section, you should put yourself forward somewhere and help out the community. The prospect may seem scary at first but, once you start, it's great fun! Also, it looks great on your CV when you say you volunteer!


Young Leaders

Join the Young Leaders with the Scouts and help out at the local Scout Huts in the Beavers, Cubs and Scout sections (Scouts tend to be reserved for those who are older so that there is a noticeable age difference).

You will be expected to help run activities, run your own nights and keep a safe environment.

For more details, contact Ania or Tony.

Local Clubs

Know somewhere nearby where you could run a club? Got a favourite hobby you want to teach? Great!

Ask if you can volunteer to run a local club at a school, library or other location and use this towards your Volunteering!


Help out by volunteering at a charity shop.

Help organise events, take donations and do some Spring Cleaning.

For more details, pop into your local charity shop or go online. Some examples of charities include Oxfam, Cancer Research UK, Barnardo's, British Red Cross and The British Heart Foundation. You can also Find Charity Shops around you.

Nothing here you're interested in? Check the DofE ideas PDF

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