eDofE Information

Your DofE

You should regularly update your DofE profile with evidence of you doing your activities. Without evidence, you will not be able to pass your activity. If you have any issues/concerns regarding your evidence, please let a leader know.

Note that it is now no longer possible to backdate your sections - The time you have taken to do your section will only begin once you press the Start button.

Your login

Please do not share your login details - they are private and if you do so, you risk losing all of your evidence (Evidence CAN be deleted). Please also make sure that your password is secure for the same reason - try not to use dictionary words or names. You can view how secure your password is using howsecureismypassword.net.

Your login details will be provided to you on your booklet - if you have forgotten your login then please contact a leader so that they can reset your password.

Once you receive your login details, log into eDofE as soon as possible - if your account remains inactive, it will be automatically deactivated and a leader will have to reactivate your account.


Q: My video exceeds DofE's file size limit! What can I do?
A: You could decrease the quality of the video using conversion software, cut out part of your video that you don't need or upload the video to YouTube (You can set it to Unlisted so that it won't appear on the search results) and then add the link to the video as Note evidence.

Q: Where do I find my ID when completing the Assesor's Report online?
A: You can see your ID when you log into your eDofE account in the top left corner where your profile is shown.

Q: I have a question/problem that isn't listed here!
A: Come along any Wednesday night to the Quarry Centre and we'll see what we can do!

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