Where We Meet

Not sure where one of your activities/meetings is at? Visit this page for the address and navigation options. Press Ctrl+F to search for the name of the Scout Building you want to find.

The Quarry Centre


Coordinates: 55.035932,-1.444356

Location: Marden Quarry


Whitley Bay, North Tyneside

NE25 8PN

5th Whitley Bay HQ


Coordinates: 55.028740, -1.433193

Location: 5th Whitley Bay Scouts HQ

Links Rd

North Shields

NE30 3TG

15th Whitley Bay HQ


Coordinates: 55.040327, -1.454978

Location: 15th Whitley Bay Scouts HQ

Kingsley Avenue

Whitley Bay

NE25 8RX


  • Hi there
    I’m looking for an indoor space to run an ‘outdoor playgroup’. Myself and a group of local mums hope to start a playgroup that is focussed on exploring the outdoors, but will need somewhere to get warm and dry and make a cuppa at the end of each session. Is this something you might be able to accommodate? We were thinking of running our session 1-3pm on fridays.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hey Cath!

      Sorry about the late response there! I’ve forwarded your message across to Paul regarding this so you should get an email from him soon.

      Best of luck! 🙂

  • Hi I’m looking for a place to run a fitness class on a Tuesday evening. I could not find a contact phone number or email ?

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