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Kayaking Wrap up!

Written by Elliot Rogers

Some of our Explorers have gained there BCU 1 star during this terms Kayaking sessions. The Explorers have worked very hard learning and improving kayaking skills/techniques.

Below is the syllabus the participants had to complete in order to gain the 1 star BCU Award:

Part A – Personal Paddling Skills
A.1 Lifting, carrying and launching
A.2 Forward paddling over a distance of 100m
A.3 Steering and controlling
A.4 Return to the bank and get out

Part B – Rescue Skills
B.1 Capsize the craft and be rescued or swim to the shore (whichever is most
appropriate to the craft and conditions)
B.2 Emptying boats
Part C – Safety, Leadership & Group Skills
C.1 Personal risk management
C.2 Awareness of others
C.3 Provide evidence of 1 journey of about 1 hour (3 km) duration
(this could take place during the assessment)

Part D – Theory/Questions
D.1 Equipment
D.2 Safety
D.3 Wellbeing, health and first aid
D.4 Access
D.5 Environment
D.6 General


Below is the video that was shown at the Explorers Annual Presentation Evening,

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