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On Saturday the 1st of October 34 Explorer Scouts seperated into 6 teams to take part in Northumberland County Scouts annual Operation Twilight adventure.  Along with them was one Explorer Leader team of catchers, including Andrew, Paul, Katie and Nick.

Operation Twilight is basically a very big game of hide and seek in the Northumberland countryside. From noon until 9pm, teams of leaders, Scouts, Network Scouts and Explorer Scouts all take part in the massive manhunt.

This year we had over 500 adults and young people taking part, from all over Northumberland.  The location of the manhunt is top secret and the inital muster point is only revealed a few days before.  This year we were in Rothbury.


All of our teams managed to navigate their way through the surrounding countryside, without being caught too many times and all made it back safely in time. Although it was a hard and tiring day we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

A big thank you to all of the organising team – we can’t wait for next year!

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