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Over the last term a number of Explorer Scouts have been learning how to do special effects casualty simulation make up. The activity has involved dressing people up to look like realistic casualties and learning First Aid skills, invaluable skills that may help them later in life.


The media group visited the special effects group when they were learning how to deal with spinal injuries like those that could be caused during a car crash. The casualty was covered in blood and was obviously in a bad state.

The group learnt how to log roll someone onto a spinal board and how to put a neck brace on the casualty.  They were also shown the kit that paramedics carry with them when out in the field and and they were shown what each piece of equipment does.

The group was made up with a selection of Explorer Scouts and two highly trained instructors.

During the evening the instructors quizzed the team on the first aid skills they had been learning, and one of the media team who had recently attended the first aid course had to try and not chip in with all the answers!

The Explorer Scouts were also professionally shown how to apply realistic makeup designs which made them look like they have had a real life accident.

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Over the term the group has learnt how to make lots of different types of wounds – from cuts and grazes, to burns and deep wounds.

They have been learning many of the same techniques that professionals would use, including the different types of blood to use for different wounds, including burns, scrapes, pieces of glass stuck in cuts, missing eyes and plenty of others, so as to make the casualty simulation make up look as realistic as possible.



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