Switzerland 2015

Switzerland Day 11 – High Ropes Climbing Tower

Written by Graham Oakes

Today we went up Sillerenbühl in Adelboden to experience the high ropes climbing tower. The climbing tower is called Höi Tower (meaning high tower) and consists of many different climbing and high ropes challenges over 3 different levels.


We began the day by walking to the cable car station to head up Sillerenbühl. The cable car took approximately 30 minutes and offered amazing views of Adelboden.

The climbing tower is right at the top of the cable car, so after having some lunch and splitting into multiple groups we were able to get right on to it. Everyone received tuition on how to use the karabiner system (a clever dual karabiner system where only 1 karabiner can be opened at once, meaning you can never not be clipped onto the tower).


The obstacles varied from fairly straight forward to crazily difficult. A lot of the challenges followed a swiss theme and had people climbing through cable cars, walking over metal milk jugs and clambering over tractors. The more straight forward challenges had you walking over beams, planks and wires while the more challenging obstacles involved climbing walls, rope monkey bars and swinging wooden poles with climbing holds.


At the top of the tower there is a viewing platform offering 360 degree views of the surrounding area and Adelboden.


Amazing views of Adelboden from the top of the viewing platform.

After a couple of hours on the course the Explorers then heading to either Adelboden, the pool or the chalet. Some of the leaders went for a walk where a Marmot and a Golden Eagle were spotted!


The day ended with everyone packing their bags and beginning the tidy-up operation in preparation for heading home tomorrow.



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