Switzerland 2015

Switzerland Day 3 – Bouldering and Ice Skating

Written by Graham Oakes

We woke to more rain so had a relaxing morning in the chalet playing board games and learning how to use the unit’s Go Pro from Graham and Jack.

After lunch  we all set off to the village for a fun afternoon of either indoor bouldering or ice skating. Abilities on both activities ranged from the novice to the slightly more experienced but everyone gave 100% even if a couple of explorers and one leader were clinging to the side of the ice rink!


The bouldering group held a speed climbing competition to see who could complete various routes in the quickest time. One of Explorers managed to cut down his time by 33 seconds (completing the climb in 40 seconds on his first attempt and then managing to complete it in 7 seconds!).


We then had an hour  to explore the village which included the daily visit to the local coop for sweets, chocolate and the local bakers for pies and brownies!

After a busy afternoon in the sports centre everyone returned to do their designated jobs that evening. Catering team preparing chicken tikka masala for dinner and the household team cleaning the chalet. Some of our explorers have learnt new skills including hoovering, cooking  and even managing to keep their bedrooms tidy!

The programme for the evening included some  of the explorers watching Despicable Me movie whilst others played a game of twister. Then it was off to bed ready for another busy day tomorrow and some of our explorers receiving their GCSE results.


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