Switzerland 2017

Switzerland Day 3

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Another early start this morning for our trip to Ballenberg Open Air Museum in Brienz. This is one of the largest museums in Switzerland, covering 163 acres and including over 100 rural houses and farm buildings from all parts of Switzerland. The explorers now have very tired legs from another day of walking in the huge Beamish like museum.


Once we arrived in the museum the explorers split themselves into groups and were given a set of challenges to complete with prizes to be won. Some of these challenges included trying on Swiss traditional clothes, tasting local bread at the bakery and finding out the most interesting fact.

Did you know…

Swiss pigs only eat one type of potato,  mashed potato!

We have had some interesting photos from the groups who have got involved with lots of different types of activities during the day.

On route back we had a quick stop to collect food supplies in Adelboden and headed back to the chalet for a dinner of curry and rice and cake and custard. The explorers are now enjoying the chalet cinema watching Shawshank Redemption, reviews to follow!

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