Switzerland 2015

Switzerland Day 6 – Niesen Funicular

Written by Graham Oakes

Today we headed to the spectacular viewpoint at Niesen Kulm overlooking the Bernese Alps, a substantial 5905 feet above the town of Mulenen below.


View from the funicular on the way up.

In order to climb this great height we took the funicular railway up the side of the mountain. It took not one but two funicular railways to work our way to the top, taking around 26 minutes. When we reached the top we were greeted by fantastic panoramic views.


View of Thunersee Lake from the top of Niesen. You can see Interlaken between the two lakes.

When we arrived at the top of the Niesenbahn we paused for lunch, then took in our surroundings taking plenty of photos. On the viewing platform we saw Gliders, paragliders and even a stunt plane which performed loop-de-loops, barrel rolls and stalls.


A dramatic view of the Bernese Alps.

After taking in the views and the various forms of entertainment at the top we headed back down the Niesenbahn, where we were again in awe at the wonderful views available on both sides of the carriage.


Heading down from the viewing point.

After squeezing in and out of the railway carriages, we headed back to Adelboden, with a quick stop in the village to restock on food and essential supplies. Some of the Explorers browsed the shops in the village before heading back for another delicious tea of sweet and sour chicken with jelly and ice cream for dessert.


Group photo on the funicular on the way down.


The view from the front of the funicular on the way down.


A few of the leaders posed on some rocks.


Group photo!!

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