Switzerland 2015

Switzerland Day 7 – Day in Adelboden and Quiz Evening

Written by Graham Oakes

Today was a day of relaxation as the weather was not favourable and hindered our intended plans for the day (We will be be completing these plans later on in the trip of course!)

The day was spent in Adelboden relaxing in the pool (despite the rain) and enjoying food from the Bakery and the Café. Some of the leaders went on a reconnaissance trip to the wood carvers to make sure the route for the following day was accessible and not too long (and also to eat the cake from the café!)

Check out the video below for some slow-mo Gopro antics from the pool:

Later on in the day we headed back to the Chalet for another delicious tea, and then enjoyed a Quiz before heading to bed for an early start tomorrow.GOPR1080


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