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Travelling to Iceland 

Written by Adam Blakey

The 02:00 alarm wasn’t hugely appreciated by my body, but it’s a small price to pay for going to Iceland (not the shop)! 

I first travelled with my friend — and Whitley Bay Scout —Rebecca, on a flight from Newcastle to Heathrow, leaving at 06:05 and arriving at 07:05. The flight gave me the chance to get a little more sleep for the long day ahead. 

After a particularly tasteless ‘English’ breakfast in a Wetherspoons, we checked-in our baggage and headed through security at Heathrow to begin the 4 hour wait for the plane. 

We boarded the plane for a rough 13:10 take-off and I got about an hour’s worth of sleep. Rather insultingly, we flew within about 30 miles of my house, despite me leaving there 11 hours earlier! 

We arrived shortly after 16:00 local time, and got straight onto a coach to the centre of Reykjavik. 

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